Mariana Matache

Director of Asociatia Euro Adult Education (Romania)

Nominated by: Asociatia Euroed

Since 2005 Mariana Matache has been the founder and president of Asociatia EURO ADULT EDUCATION (former Asociatia ‘EUROED’), a national NGO that specializes in Adult Education projects and Vocational Training courses in Romania. Mrs. Matache has established and developed this association from inception. The NGO has a national and european-wide network, has coordinated and implemented over 30 European projects, and has offered vocational training to more than 5500 people.

Mrs. Matache conducted strategic projects founded through the European Social Fund, as well as other European projects in collaboration with various international partners. The key areas of expertise are designing and implementing national and European projects such as “The Citizen comes First” and “Counseling, professional training and assistance for businesses in rural areas - FAR”, and leading civic education and project management seminars.

In addition, for the past two years, Mrs. Matache has worked as a key expert in the Republic of Macedonia in the frame of the project, “Enhancing Lifelong Learning through modernizing the vocational education and training and adult education system - Europe Aid/135834/IH/SER/MK”. She reforms the Adult Education systems in Macedonia according to the European standards. Among others, she coordinates the development of the Adult Education strategy and of the Lifelong Learning strategy (which is being created for the first time).

In 2013 Mariana Matache was elected on the Executive Board of the European Association for the Education of Adults, where she brings in her expertise of development and implementation of Adult Education in Central Eastern European countries.
Since 2015 she is also an Advisory Board Member of the European Business Competence * License (EBC*L).

How do you want to contribute to the work of EAEA, based on your experience in your organisation?

In addition to her current role, Mrs. Matache gained valuable experience in the ten years working as the national manager of

dvv international Romania and establishing a new structure for Adult Education in Romania – namely 17 Regional Centers for Adult Education, the "Lifelong Learning and participating in the development of the first Romanian Master’s Program in Adult Education. She also coordinated the establishment of the dvv international project office in the Republic of Moldova, and is continuing to implement her knowledge and expertise in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning as part of the current project in Macedonia.

Therefore, the intended contributions would be the following:

• Continue to disseminate the EAEA values and principles in Romania and other Central Eastern European countries.

• Diversify EAEA activities by promoting EAEA in Central Eastern European countries: the expertise and network built in the area resulting from years of experience in the Adult Education and Lifelong Learning field will increase awareness and visibility around projects and activities in the region. This will strengthen the access to the target group and bolster the value of EAEA’s objectives.

• Support the creation and development of dissemination materials about the activities and projects in Romania and Europe by applying the already acquired know-how and insight about effective methods and channels to promote Adult Education in South-Eastern Europe.

• Develop and implement European projects: the accumulated practical experience in project management, as well as in coordinating projects would contribute to the successful development of EAEA activities. In addition, the competencies obtained would provide a valuable input for the identification of objectives, development of strategies and implementation processes.

What are your motivations as a board member?

• Share the experience had in Romania and in other Central Eastern European countries that are partners with EAEA so that the members can benefit from this knowledge and strengthen Adult Education internationally

• Increase awareness in Romania about Adult Education, Lifelong Learning, and European policies

• Influence stakeholders about the importance of Adult Education at European level

• Learn about best practices in other European countries and implement them in the frame of current and future Adult Education projects

• Strengthen the presence of Adult Education by establishing collaborations with international partners

• Raise awareness about the experience that Asociatia EURO ADULT EDUCATION as well as other Adult Education organizations has had with the intention of exchanging best practices and collaboration opportunities

• Be up-to-date with the novelties in Adult Education at European level in order to implement them regionally.

Which other information would you like to share with the EAEA members?

Mrs. Matache is currently candidating for the third mandate with EAEA. In the previous two mandates, she:

  • Promoted EAEA in Romania, Macedonia and other Central Eastern European countries through the meetings, conferences and workshops at which she participated;

  • Increased the EAEA network by promoting and enrolling new members;

  • Contributed to the development of ideas for European projects (ex: AVA project);

  • Raised awareness about the Romanian Adult Education at European level in particular through contributions in the frame of international conferences and through Country Reports about the state of Adult Education; 

  • Advocated for Adult Education and influenced public policy at European level; 

  • Increased the visibility of Adult Education and represented the best interest of the EAEA members; 

  • Established international cooperation by facilitating partnerships and exchanges of best practices.