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Policy Events

Upcoming events

28 September 2016
EAEA Policy Debate: Adult education and refugees/migrants

28 September 2016
EAEA Advisory Group on Adult education and development

18 October 2016
Workshop on adult education and employment (in Bratislava) 

Past events

1 December 2015
EAEA Policy Lunch: 'Adult education: Achievements and Challenges Ahead'

3–4 June 2015
EAEA and dvv international workshop: Global citizenship as a skill that can be developed via lifelong learning

27 February 2015
EAEA workshop on financing adult education

30 January 2015
EAEA & DVV International workshop: Adult education and the post-2015 process

3 December 2013
EAEA Policy Debate 2013: PIAAC: What does it mean for Adult Learning?

26 November 2013
EAEA & dvv international Workshop at the European Development Days 2013: "Lifelong Learning in Development Cooperation – An Unfinished Agenda"

4 December 2012
EAEA, ICAE and dvv international Advocacy Workshop "Meeting the Challenge" on Adult Education and Development

27 Septemeber 2012
EAEA Policy Debate at the European Parliament: Active Ageing through Adult Learning

7 December 2011
EAEA Policy Debate at the European Parliament: New European Agenda for Adult Learning

17 March 2010
EAEA Policy Breakfast at the European Parliament: The Wider Benefits of Learning

9 April 2008
EAEA Reception at the European Parliament

Annual Conferences

EAEA organises annual conferences with themes reflecting the current trends in adult education policy and practice.

Upcoming conferences

29.6.2016: EAEA Annual Conference 2016

Past conferences

2015: Health and Health Literacy in Adult Education in Europe

2013: The European Year of Citizens

2012: Active Ageing

2011: A World Worth Living in

2011: New Skills and Jobs

2010: National Qualification Framework

General Assemblies

EAEA members gather annually to a General Assembly. It is the highest deciding body of the EAEA.

EAEA General Assemblies – a story map

2016: Brussels, Belgium

2015: Porto, Portugal

2014: Brussels, Belgium

2013: Leicester, United Kingdom

2012: Vienna, Austria

2011: Malmö, Sweden

2010: Yerevan, Armenia

2009: Bonn, Germany