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Policy Events

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28 September 2016
EAEA Policy Debate: Adult education and refugees/migrants

28 September 2016
EAEA Advisory Group on Adult education and development

18 October 2016
Workshop on adult education and employment (in Bratislava) 

1 December 2015
EAEA Policy Lunch: 'Adult education: Achievements and Challenges Ahead'

3–4 June 2015
EAEA and dvv international workshop: Global citizenship as a skill that can be developed via lifelong learning

27 February 2015
EAEA workshop on financing adult education

30 January 2015
EAEA & DVV International workshop: Adult education and the post-2015 process

3 December 2013
EAEA Policy Debate 2013: PIAAC: What does it mean for Adult Learning?

26 November 2013
EAEA & dvv international Workshop at the European Development Days 2013: "Lifelong Learning in Development Cooperation – An Unfinished Agenda"

4 December 2012
EAEA, ICAE and dvv international Advocacy Workshop "Meeting the Challenge" on Adult Education and Development

27 Septemeber 2012
EAEA Policy Debate at the European Parliament: Active Ageing through Adult Learning

7 December 2011
EAEA Policy Debate at the European Parliament: New European Agenda for Adult Learning

17 March 2010
EAEA Policy Breakfast at the European Parliament: The Wider Benefits of Learning

9 April 2008
EAEA Reception at the European Parliament

Annual Conferences

EAEA organises annual conferences with themes reflecting the current trends in adult education policy and practice.

Upcoming conferences


Past conferences

2017: Engaging New Learners

2016: Innovation in European Adult Education

2015: Health and Health Literacy in Adult Education in Europe

2013: The European Year of Citizens

2012: Active Ageing

2011: A World Worth Living in

2011: New Skills and Jobs

2010: National Qualification Framework

General Assemblies

EAEA members gather annually to a General Assembly. It is the highest deciding body of the EAEA.

EAEA General Assemblies – a story map

2018: Tallinn, Estonia

2017: Girona, Spain

2016: Brussels, Belgium

2015: Porto, Portugal

2014: Brussels, Belgium

2013: Leicester, United Kingdom

2012: Vienna, Austria

2011: Malmö, Sweden

2010: Yerevan, Armenia

2009: Bonn, Germany