EAEA & dvv international Workshop at the European Development Days 2013: "Lifelong Learning in Development Cooperation – An Unfinished Agenda"

Tuesday 26 November 2013 - 16:30–17:45, Room 3

Lifelong learning is a key for achieving social change and reducing poverty levels around the world. It has the capacity to positively affect many dimensions of poverty, peace, reconciliation as well as conflict prevention.

Adult education creates change through enhancing employment prospects, improving health levels and financial literacy of poor people as well as giving better chances of acquiring the tools needed to run their own lives.

However, these benefits are often not understood outside of the educational discourse and there is a lack of recognition of the education sector when looking at development goals, in particular non-formal adult education.

Policy makers and even civil society organisations often do not include education interests. As a result the respective United Nations Millennium Development Goals and "Education For All" targets for 2015 will mostly be missed, especially the Education For All goals explicitly affecting adult learners.

Moderator: Uwe Gartenschlaeger – Deputy Director, dvv international

Round tables:

Gina Ebner, Secretary General of the EAEA & Balazs Nemeth, University of Pecs, Hungary:
Experiences of the relevance of AE in transformation context
What are the key lessons of Europe’s lifelong learning policy since Lisbon 2000 to be recognised for development cooperation?

Sonja Belete, dvv international:
Practioner’s view
What are the main benefits of adult education and lifelong learning for development?

Cecilia Victorino-Soriano, Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE):
Asia as a booming region, recognising the growing importance of lifelong learning
What are the tendencies and shortcomings? What can development partners do?

Sturla Bjerkaker, Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL):
Key messages of the adult education community for the Post 2015 process
How does Mr. Bjerkaker assess the process? Which role does and could EU play?


If you have any questions, please contact the EAEA Policy Officer Ricarda Motschilnig or the dvv international Deputy Director Uwe Gartenschlaeger.


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