New Skills and Jobs – The role for non-formal adult education

The EAEA conference 2011, 17–18 November, Brussels, Belgium

Objectives of the conference:

  • To inform the participants what the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs is about
  • What impact is it meant to have?
  • What can people expect from different institutions when it comes to coping with changes in society and the labour market?
  • Provide a basis for EAEA to get involved in this agenda
  • Discuss the issue of ‘skills’ and ‘employability’ and their relation to non-formal adult education
  • Help adapt and widen the EAEA statement on the New Skills Agenda
  • Launch a discussion with associations from other Education and Training sectors, which could lead to a common project
  • To link the New Skills Agenda to the follow-up of the Action Plan for adult learning

Conference programme

Workshop outcomes

Presentation materials

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