17.09.2014 - 18.09.2014

Adult education for sustainability - The importance of cooperation and demonstration

Time:17.09.2014 - 18.09.2014
Location:Kishantos, Hungary

In the coming decades, humanity will face one of the biggest challenges in its history. Industrial development and industrial and industrial agriculture has been built on the Earth's finite resources, which scientists warn have almost been used up. The collapse of agricultural industry is expected to happen at about the same time that the world's population will reach 9 billion. Heightened industrial production causes serious environmental problems and the destruction of natural systems.

All of these processes can lead to a disaster for our children and put our grandchildren's future at risk. It is our duty to do everything possible to ensure development towards a sustainable future and to turn unsustainable processes around. However, this is only likely to happen when people get to know, understand, and apply sustainable methods in all areas of life. Adult education can play a key role in this. The question that will be discussed at the conference is what are the possibilities and means of adult education in promoting sustainable development? The Hungarian site - the Kishantos Rural Development Centre and Folk High School - an NGO institution, has been engaged in sustainable rural development and agricultural education for more than 20 years. It is surrounded by 452 acres of organic model farm and experts at the centre use tried and tested methods.

The conference langauge is English.

Programme and conference details

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