25.05.2017 - 27.05.2017

Conference: Adult learning & communities in a world on the move: between national tensions and transnational challenges

Time:25.05.2017 - 27.05.2017
Location:Wrocław, Poland

ESREA research network
Between Global and Local: Adult Learning and Communities

In 2017 the 9th ESREA Conference of the Network Between Global and Local: Adult Learning and Communities (BGL-ALC) will meet at the University of Lower Silesia (ULS) in Wrocław, Poland. The conference theme will be: “Adult learning & communities in a world on the move: between national tensions and transnational challenges”. The conference will take place from Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th of May, 2017.

Since June 2015, we have witnessed unparalleled waves of migration across Europe, waves of refugees moving through countries and crossing borders on a scale unseen in Europe since 1945. With over a million refugees and displaced people crossing EU borders in 2015, and more than 300 thousand reaching EU countries alone via the Mediterranean routes in 2016 up to September (and 3500 dead and missing on these routes this year to date), the BGL-ALC Network will turn its attention to adult learning and communities in this world ‘on the move’, and will seek to address in discussion possible responses to the national tensions and transnational challenges we observe and experience in our work.

Conference themes

Papers, round tables, and keynote talks will address themes from among the following:

  • Contributions to the theory of learning in a world on the move. How adequate are our notions of lifelong learning, of international adult education and learning programmes and what is the contribution of our research in this field?
  • How do we build better dialogue and connectivity between diverse people in situations where opportunities for dialogue are being challenged, when in our cities and regions the ‘other’ is frequently experienced as a threat rather than a source of solidarity, learning and enrichment?
  • Adult learning and discourses of power. difference and ‘identity’, and new forms of solidarity that further social learning and the creation of democratic forms of citizenship and living together
  • Adult learning and the work of movements of volunteers, local initiatives, and the responses of state agencies, flanked as they are by growing apparatuses of security and policing
  • The role of communities in furthering integration, tolerance, and offering alternatives to exclusion, radicalisation, and political division
  • How does our research respond to current definitions of ‘sovereignty’ within the nation state, and to the widespread takeover of the notion of ‘identity’, seen for many as the fixed attribute of nations/ethnic groups, and formulated as an antithesis to difference and diversity?
  • The role of research into adult learning in addressing rising levels of xenophobia, racism and fundamentalism in the world outside as well in local communities. How can we best to embrace, to value, and to work with ‘difference’ within our own learning communities?

These and any other themes which address the relationship between adult education and communities, and the role of local actors, whether individual or institutional, and transnational movements confronting the challenges posed by thousands of people on the move may be proposed for discussion at the conference.


Participants are invited from all fields of research on adult learning to submit an abstract addressing the conference theme.

Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. The deadline for submission of abstracts is December 15, 2016. The Scientific Committee of this conference is responsible for the selection of the submitted abstracts. Latest notification of acceptance is January 15, 2017. Abstracts should be sent in two separate files, one including the paper title, the name, address, e-mail of author(s); and the second one including the paper title and abstract. Abstracts should be submitted to: BGL2017@dsw.edu.pl

Completed papers should be submitted by April 30, 2017 and sent to: BGL2017@dsw.edu.pl The papers may be up to 5000 words. The papers will have to follow the template for all contributions to the conference which will be made known soon.


Early Bird Registration till 15/02/2017
Phd students: 50 Euro / after 15/02: 100
ESREA members: 120 Euro / after 15/02: 170
Non-ESREA members: 170 Euro / after 15/02: 220
The conference fee will include conference materials, coffee breaks durung the conference, the reception buffet, and lunch on Friday and Saturday.
The cost of the Conference Dinner – Venue to be announced – is separate from the conference fee.

Student bursaries
As a way to support graduate-student’s participation in the conference, there will be three bursaries for this conference. To be able to apply, one needs to be a graduate student (e.g. PhD-student, EdD-student, master student); a member of ESREA (either individual or covered by an institutional membership) and one need to submit a paper to the main conference. The bursary is at the moment 300 Euros/person and should be used to cover parts of the costs for travel expenditures and/or accommodation during the conference/meeting. Applications should be submitted no later than March 31, 2017. Applications or questions regarding the application procedure should be directed to the secretary of ESREA Frederik Sandberg (fredrik.sandberg@liu.se)


Conference website: www.BGL2017.dsw.edu.pl
BGL2017@dsw.edu.pl; ewa.kurantowicz@dsw.edu.pl

Further information in the conference information package.