25.11.2015 - 27.11.2015

ESREA Access, Learning Careers and Identities Network: Continuity and Discontinuity in Learning Careers: Potentials for a Learning Space in a Changing World

Time:25.11.2015 - 27.11.2015
Location:Seville, Spain

The last ESREA Access, Learning Careers and Identities Network Conference in 2013 had the 'crisis' as its theme. Two years on the economic crisis, which also has social and political consequences, is still with us and continues to be particularly dominant in the south of Europe. As a consequence younger and older adults are finding themselves in a labour market which either offers no jobs, low paid jobs and/or jobs with zero contracts which impacts on the self, identity and their communities.

New challenges as well as new threats are posed to adult education in such times which could both offer a potential way out of the crisis and an alternative to the dominant stories played out by the economic discourse. Within this framework continuity and discontinuity in learning careers are an interesting dimension to interrogate. In a complex way they can be conceived as two sides of the same coin, not opposite but complimentary and mutually generating and impacting upon the learning career and identity of an adult student. What individual and social choices do these processes involve and what meanings do learners give to them? What disorientating dilemmas do they bring to a person’s biography? The idea of continuity and discontinuity underlies the possibility (or the constraint) for a new personal and work life trajectory which may represent a critical moment in a person’s life. Some adults also actively choose to leave their study before finishing. Although it is a disrupted learning career it may not necessarily be a negative one. What factors at the micro, meso and macro levels come into play?

In a changing world what potential learning spaces – formal and informal- can be identified to encourage adults, particularly non-traditional adults, to learn in ways which are beneficial and positive to them as well as in ways which enables them to challenge the inequalities they experience in society?

Keynote Speaker: Michel Alhadeff-Jones, University of Fribourg, Switzerland and Director of the Sunkronos Institute

Conference Venue

Faculty of Education, University of Seville (Spain)
Pirotecnia street, s/n
41013-Seville (Spain).

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Conference Times

The conference will start at 14.00 on 25 November and finish at 13.00 on 27 November followed by lunch.

Conference Fees

Conference fees include morning and afternoon breaks, lunch on 26 November and lunch on 27 November after the conference finishes. It also includes dinner with drinks at a historical building on the evening of 25 November (in case it is not possible to have the dinner at a historical building, the dinner will be at the Faculty of Education and then there will be a guided tour of the historic centre, with at least two tourist guides).

The conference dinner (on the evening of 26 November) will be optional.

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  • Non-member 200 €
  • PhD students 60 € (The PhD student rate is not eligible to PhD who also hold a position at a university)

Travel and accommodation

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For further information about the conference please contact Barbara Merrill, Andrea Galimberti or Adrianna Nizinska.