05.10.2015 - 06.10.2015

European conference: Culture Guides for Marginalised Social Groups

Time:05.10.2015 - 06.10.2015
Location:Budapest, Hungary

Culture Guides is a two-year project that started in October 2013 under the Grundtvig strand of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme. Six partners from five countries aimed to investigate the possibility of a European framework to recruit, train and manage volunteers to act as mentors or guides to introduce and help marginalised social groups to participate in local art and culture activities, either as audience members or as active participants.

Activities may include visits to professional art offerings, including theatre, art exhibitions, concerts, dance performances, museums, or participation in amateur art/voluntary culture activities, such as choirs, theatre, music groups, dancing groups or storytelling.

The project is grounded in the belief that a sustainable means of encouraging this type of beneficial engagement can be implemented with the help of volunteers and relevant support from interested organisations including local government, cultural institutions, voluntary associations, health and social care organisations.

The aim and objectives of the conference

The overall aim of the Conference is to valorise the key outcome of the project to European target groups and other beneficiaries in a sustainable manner.

The objectives are:

  •  to disseminate new knowledge, methods and examples of best practise of possible culture guide activities;
  •  to exploit the results for policy recommendations to policy makers and other multipliers;
  •  to reach out to new European audiences hitherto not addressed;
  •  to promote new and sustainable multilateral networks for culture guide activities.


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Practical information

The working language of the conference is English, and the conference materials will also be provided in English.

The conference will be based on participatory and activity-based methods. It will focus on presentation of new knowledge as well as on the exchange of knowledge and experiences. There will be a blend of lectures, presentations, workshops and plenum discussions.

Participants will be invited to prepare short workshop presentations of possible local culture guide activities, either experienced examples of best practise or outlines of new possible activities in their local context

Venue of the conference: Hotel Benczúr, 1068 Budapest, Benczúr utca 35.

Participation in the two-day conference is free of charge for participants from Hungary but they need to register by 25 September. For meeting the aim and objectives of the conference successfully, we kindly request participants to take part in the conference on both days.

For further information and registration please contact:

Katalin Varga
Hungarian Folk High School Society (Magyar Népfõiskolai Társaság)
1138 Budapest, Révész u. 2/c.
Tel: 06 20 569 77 57