22.01.2014 - 22.01.2014

Final Workshop of the EU project "Benefits of Lifelong Learning - BeLL"

Time:22.01.2014 - 22.01.2014
Location:Bonn, Germany

The workshop will bring together researchers, multipliers and stakeholders in adult education from the 10 participating European countries to introduce and discuss the results of the Benefits of Lifelong Learning project (BeLL), which has examined the benefits of liberal adult education in 10 European countries.

Four thematic working groups will serve to deepen the information provided in the plenary session. Project partners, together with policy makers and adult education practitioners from Europe will be present to discuss the results, to elucidate their further use as tools for the development of practices and policies and to provide input to the development of the final research report, particularly the policy recommendations.

The conference language will be English.

To register please contact the EAEA project offficer: francesca.operti [at] eaea.org.


9.30 - 10.00: Registration

10.00: Welcome and presentation of the project consortium

Dr. Marion Fleige & Dr. Bettina Thöne-Geyer,German Institute for Adult Education - Leibniz-Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE)

10.15 - 11.45: Presentation of the project idea, the methodology and the results

Prof. Jyri Manninen, University of Eastern Finland (UEF); Prof. Monika Kil, Danube University Krems (DUK); M.A. Irena Sgier, Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB), Dr. Bettina Thöne-Geyer (DIE)

11.45 - 12.15: Benefits of Lifelong Learning - a general model?

Prof. Jyri Manninen (UEF); Prof. Monika Kil (DUK); Dr. Marion Fleige (DIE)

12.15 - 13.15: Lunch

13.15 - 14.45: Working groups

Working group 1: BeLL and lifelong learning policies

Working group 2: The reflexive dimension of "Benefits"

Working group 3: What role do wider benefits play in learners' real life contexts, and how does society benefit from this?

Working group 4: How organized adult education supports the development of the benefits

14.45 - 15.00: Coffee break

15.00 - 15.20: Short presentation of the working group results (by the working group chairs)

15.20 - 15.50: Presentation and discussion of policy recommendations from the BeLL study

David Mallows, Institute of Education (IOE), University of London; Dr. Javier Diez, University of Barcelona, Research Centre (CREA)

15.50 - 16.00: Summary and resumee

Dr. Marion Fleige & Dr. Bettina Thöne-Geyer (DIE)

16.00: End of the workshop