10.03.2014 - 24.03.2014

ICAE Virtual Seminar: “Adult Education and Development: Post 2015”

Time:10.03.2014 - 24.03.2014

ICAE Virtual Seminar: “Adult Education and Development: Post 2015”

10 – 24 of March 2014

The seminar will be based in the publication of DVV International in cooperation with ICAE, AE+D on the Post-2015 (“Adult Education and Development” Journal published once a year in three languages that was launched in December 2013).

The virtual Seminar will be run in English. Comments can be sent in French or Spanish and they will be translated into English.

The objectives of the ICAE Virtual Seminar are:

1- To promote a debate and dialogue on selected articles of the yearbook AE+D POST 2015 in order to go deeper and broaden in the analysis.

2- To create a virtual space as an opportunity to reflect on the links between the Post 2015 development agenda, the EFA goals and the CONFINTEA Belen Framework for Action, in order to strategize and define common advocacy actions.

3- To give updated information on the Post 2015 process to follow up the Education agenda in the global scenario.

Instructions to participate

For those of you, who are participating in a Virtual Seminar for the first time, please note it is very simple, free and open to anyone, and runs via e-mail.

1- All participants will be subscribed to a special moderated list created for this seminar and called [Icaeaeducationdevp2015]. ICAE/GEO member, IALLA graduates, and those that have asked for their subscription have been already subscribed to the e-list.

2- All of you will daily receive the papers and inputs of the seminar directly in your mailboxes. You don’t have to go to a special website. Nevertheless all the inputs will be available at ICAE´ blog http://educationpost2015icae.wordpress.com/icae-virtual-seminaraed-p-2015/

3- The articles will be sent to all participants in English. Comments can be sent in French or Spanish and they will be translated into English.

4- If you wish to send comments or inputs you have to reply to the message received. This message will be received by ICAE Secretariat that administrates and moderates the list. Once or twice a day, ICAE Secretariat will compile all the information received in one message and will forward it to all the people subscribed to the list. As it is a moderated list you will not receive thousands of messages in your mailbox.

5- Should you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to write to the list administrators:


or apoyo@icae.org.uy

If you think you will not be able to follow this exchange and you prefer to be left out of this list, just send a message to

apoyo@icae.org.uy or icae@icae.org.uy , to unsubscribe, and we shall immediately proceed accordingly.

ICAE POST- 2015: