11.11.2014 - 11.11.2014

ILEAC final Conference "European memories and intergenerational dialogue"

Time:11.11.2014 - 11.11.2014
Location:Torino, Italy

Memory and history, present and future – these are the keywords of ILEAC (Intergenerational Learning for a European Active Citizenship) project's final event. The European Union arose from the terrible conflicts of the last century. It brought together different histories and different cultures into a broader idea of peace, of shared values, and of citizens' well-being , without neglecting national identities and peculiarities.

We think it is important to start reflecting upon the great results achieved by the European integration, especially now, in a time whene it gets difficult to see the positive and extraordinary success of this one-of-a-kind process, able to build unity in diversity.

"Memory is an essential part of what is now usually called "identity", whether individual or collective, the pursuit of which is one of the core activities of individuals and societies, with fever and anguish." (J. Le Goff, History and Memory, Turin, 1982)

Written more than thirty years ago, Le Goff’s words perfectly describe our present needs. European identity's awareness can, in fact, only be achieved through the transmission and comparison of memories and experiences between those who lived through the complex and troubled "short century” and experienced of the atrocities of a divided and conflicting Europe, and those who were born, or grew up, in a peaceful, unified, borderless Europe.


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Confrence programme

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