16.02.2016 - 16.02.2016

Lifelong Learning Interest Group: Education for personal development and well-being

Time:16.02.2016 - 16.02.2016
Location:Brussels, Belgium

Education is a lifelong empowerment process which leads to more fulfilled and empathic individuals. Personal development, creativity and well-being are key outcomes of the learning process if it is done right. Innovative methods, enjoyable and inspirational environments and collaborative learning need to be further developed in a competence-based and a learner-centred approach. There is also the synergy between education and culture and arts that leads to fostering one's creativity, imagination and appreciation for cultural diversity. This is crucial for reaching out to disadvantaged groups, for keeping learners on the learning pathway and to encourage a positive attitude to continue learning throughout one's life.

Nevertheless, personal development and well-being seem to be difficult to frame at a policy level, probably because they are perceived as individual outcomes rather than social or economic ones. The UNESCO has possibly summarised it best as 'learning to be' - to enable individuals to develop to their fullest potential psycho-socially, affectively as well as physically, for a all-round ‘complete person’.

At the next meeting of the Lifelong Learning Interest Group (LLL-IG), we will therefore discuss how to tackle a lack of general awareness about the benefits of personal development and well-being in education and how to advance this issue politically.

The event is organised by EAEA and Lifelong Learning Platform. If you want to participate, please contact EAEA Policy Officer Tania Berman.


10h00 Welcome words

10h10 Presentation of the LLL-IG work plan for 2016-2017

10h20 Keynote speech: Jean Gordon, International Consultant on Lifelong Learning and Learning for Well-being

10h50 Input from different educational sectors

11h10 Debate

11h50 Closing remarks

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