20.04.2016 - 20.04.2016

Symposium: Basic education: definition - topics - target groups?

Time:20.04.2016 - 20.04.2016
Location:Berlin, Germany

Basic education has become an important topic. The next Leo study will analyse, additionally to literacy, basic education. But what does the concept mean? Often, the term is used synonymously with literacy, creating the impression that basic education means literacy. Other times, basic education is defined as the skills that people need to participate in society. That means that basic skills also include numeracy, ICT skills, health education, financial skills, and social skills (individual, political, cultural). The "National Strategy for Literacy and Basic Education in Germany", in turn, links basic education with applied literacy in the professional and societal everyday life.

Practical information

When: 20 April 2016, 10:30 - 16:15h
Fees: 55.00 EUR (incl. food)
Where: Tagungshaus Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, Ziegelstrasse 30, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 30 28467-0, info@dietrich-bonhoeffer-haus.de
Web: hwww.hotel-dietrich-bonhoeffer.de/


Form: http://www.rat-der-weiterbildung.de/anmeldung/
Deadline: 31 March 2016

Please note that the conference language will be German.


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