21.10.2015 - 26.10.2015

Training: Learning in Later Life Proving an Intergenerational Context

Time:21.10.2015 - 26.10.2015


Cyprus, 21-26 October 2015, and 30 March-3 April 2016

  • 5 day training course
  • For the staff of schools and other institutions or organizations working with predominantly older learners but wishing to explore intergenerational learning issues

COSTS: 350 Euros for fees and materials. In total - including accommodation, meals and fees - 800 Euros.


European society is 'ageing' with increasing numbers and proportions of older people in our communities. European countries need to view this positively rather than seeing it as a threat to our economies. To achieve this, we need these older people to continue to be active in employment, family, our communities and in wider society. Only be increasing and enhancing their opportunities to engage in learning to better understand their own lives, their potential and the contexts of society around them can we make best use of their experiences, skills and talents. With this population change it is vital that we ensure that harmony remains between generations and that there is a better understanding of what ageing means – personally and to the society we live in. It is therefore essential that there is training for those committed to working with older people to enable them to continue to fulfil a role confidently and competently in the world around them.


Course manager: Klitos Symeonides
Telephone number (Mob) +357 994 708 10, Fax:+357 224 867 14
Website: www.euroculture.com.cy


Find more information about the training here.

Event of EAEA member: Cyprus Adult Education Association