10.04.2017 - 19.05.2017

UNESCO IIEP Specialized Courses Programme

Time:10.04.2017 - 19.05.2017
Location:Paris, France

The applications for the Specialized Courses Programme, run by the UNESCO International Institute of Educational Planning, are now open. Between 10 April and 19 May, six courses will take place in two parallel specialisation streams: one on Educational Planning and Analysis, another one on Educational Planning and Management.

The following courses are offered:

  • Organization and Management of the Education Sector: Systems and Institutions

  • Educational Management Information System (EMIS)

  • Micro-Planning and School Mapping

  • Teacher management

  • Education Sector Programmes and Projects

  • Quantitative Methods for Monitoring and Evaluating the Quality of Education

  • Projections and Simulation Models: Methods and Techniques.

The courses are delivered in English and French, with a team of interpreters providing simultaneous interpretation. Teaching and learning activities include lectures, seminars, discussions, individual and group work.

To see a detailed description of the courses, as well as the conditions for admission, please consult the website of IIEP.

Deadline for applications: 15 January 2017