07.11.2017 - 07.11.2017

Webinar: Outreach in Adult Education - Role and Challenges of National Policies

Time:07.11.2017 - 07.11.2017

Europe is currently facing great challenges – growing inequalities; high unemployment; persistent discrimination of disadvantaged groups such as the Roma, refugees and migrants; insufficient basic skills. These challenges could be tackled by reaching out to adults that are not learning and that are caught in a low-skilled trap, engaging them into lifelong learning opportunities and supporting them in making one step up in their lives and careers.

To tackle the issue, the implOED project aims at providing recommendations for policy-makers and adult education practitioners for engaging disadvantaged groups into learning. This webinar is part of the project's implementation and focuses on the role and challenges of national policies in planning and implementing outreach strategies in adult education.


The webinar is organised in cooperation with the ET2020 Working Group on adult learning. The participation is open to everyone interested. In particular, the National Coordinators for European Agenda for Adult Learning, local, regional and national policy-makers as well as adult learning stakeholders working at the meso-level are encouraged to take part.

Learning objectives

  • Increased knowledge about good practices on reaching out to disadvantaged learners.
  • Deeper understanding of the challenges in implementing outreach strategies at different levels and in different sectors.
  • New ideas on how outreach can be applied to workplace-based learning.


11h00 Welcome from EAEA, brief introduction about the OED and implOED projects. Definitions of OUTREACH, presentation of the webinar

11h10 Outreach approaches at the practitioners’ level - Outreach strategies for adult education in UK and implementation needs of adult education providers Alex Stevenson (Learning and Work Institute)

11h20 Local outreach - Outreach at the municipal level in Estonia and how the national government can contribute to make it a reality Tiina Jaager (Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association)

11h30 The OED recommendations addressed to policy-makers at the national level

11h35 Examples of outreach in work-based learning from the participants (Max 2)

11h40 Q&A and short discussion focusing on the transferability potential to workplace-based learning

11h50 How to move further? Proposals for cross-national and cross-sectorial cooperation on the topic. Brief overview of the ImplOED next steps.


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Contact: EAEA Project Manager Francesca Operti