11.04.2016 IN FOCUS

A holistic approach to education supports personal development

The final report of the Interest group on Lifelong Learning’s third meeting that discussed "Personal development and well-being in learning" has been published. Organised at the European Parliament on 16 February, the debate aimed to gain an understanding on how the topic is perceived at the European level, which initiatives exist on the ground and how to channel best practices up to the decision-making level.

01.04.2016 IN FOCUS

The new resolution of the European Council stresses the importance of citizenship education

EAEA welcomes the Resolution of the European Council on "Promoting socio-economic development and inclusiveness in the EU through education: the contribution of education and training to the European Semester 2016," which highlights the need for education and training to respond to these challenges. EAEA stresses the importance of non-formal and informal learning, and in particular of adult education, that receive too little attention in this Resolution.

08.03.2016 IN FOCUS

Opinion: Adult education is a 'feminine' sector – could that be why we don’t have enough money?

On the occasion of International Women's Day, EAEA Secretary General Gina Ebner writes an opinion piece.

22.02.2016 IN FOCUS

EAEA endorses the opinion paper of the Employment Committee of the European Parliament

European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) has adopted an Opinion on the Erasmus+ programme. This paper includes references to adult education. EAEA supports the arguments presented in this Opinion and has been advocating for some precise points included in it.

28.01.2016 IN FOCUS

Adult Education & Refugees is the theme of the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2016

Celebrating innovation and excellence in adult education, the EAEA Grundtvig Award is given annually to projects that produce new ideas, new partnerships, new methodologies and a new understanding on how we can work in adult learning. In 2016, the EAEA is looking for excellent projects that promote the learning of, with and about refugees or migrants.

21.01.2016 Campaign blog entriesIN FOCUS

Sign the 'Adult Education Mobility Charter'!

Adult education professionals – educators, teachers, trainers, stakeholders, etc. – should have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills as part of their continuing professional development. Currently only a few have the opportunity to attend and participate in mobility activities open to everyone working in the adult education sector. The newly published ‘Adult Education Mobility Charter’ aims to improve the situation.

17.12.2015 IN FOCUS

EAEA: Improvements needed for Erasmus+ in the field of adult education

EAEA monitors the Erasmus+ programme regularly. With input from its members and partners, EAEA has now produced a feedback document that highlights the flaws of the programme and gives recommendations on what needs to be improved from the viewpoint of adult learning.

01.12.2015 IN FOCUS

EAEA Manifesto: Adult education contributes to a better Europe for all

EAEA has launched its 'Manifesto on Adult Learning in the 21st Century' at EAEA Policy Lunch, organised in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Week at the European Parliament in Brussels today. The publication sets objectives for creating a Learning Europe: a Europe that is able to tackle the future positively and with all necessary skills, knowledge and competences.

21.10.2015 IN FOCUS

Adult education can improve health systems

The topic of health concerns both individuals and society as a whole. EAEA’s policy paper on Adult Education and Health provides recommendations for policy-makers but also adult education and health providers.

12.10.2015 IN FOCUS

EAEA statement on the Draft Joint Report on ET2020

The European Association for the Education of Adults welcomes the draft joint report and the new priorities. EAEA welcomes the renewed focus on lifelong learning systems and the fact that adult learning remains a key part of the ET2020 strategic framework.