05.10.2015 IN FOCUS

European adult educators share many challenges

Funding, integration and education of migrants and development of basic skills for low-skilled and low-educated learners are challenges all over Europe, reveals EAEA’s new publication 'Adult Education in Europe – A Civil Society View 2015'.

30.09.2015 IN FOCUS

Two Vice-Presidents nominated for EAEA

After the election of the EAEA Executive Board at the last General Assembly in Porto last June 2015, the EAEA Board held its first Board meeting on 23rd and 24th of September in Brussels. The Board welcomed by unanimity the President’s proposal to nominate Ms. Susana Oliveira (PT) and Ms. Joyce Black (UK) as Vice-Presidents of EAEA.

29.09.2015 IN FOCUS

Giving a new impetus to citizenship education

There is a strong need to support citizens in developing their critical and creative thinking, and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have a role to play in citizenship education. The second Interest Group on Lifelong Learning meeting took place in Brussels on 22nd of September 2015.

11.09.2015 IN FOCUS

EAEA Statement: Adult Education can play a key role in the current refugee crisis

Europe is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) asks political leaders to show solidarity and strong leadership to respond to the current refugee crisis. The Association points out that adult education providers and civil society organisations provide fundamental support to respond to the arrival of refugees and to their long-term inclusion in their host countries.

03.09.2015 IN FOCUS

Social inclusion and fundamental values a strong focus in the the new ET2020 joint report

A joint report by the European Commission and Member States of the European Union sets the objectives and priorities for the next five years of the Commission’s work in the area of education and training. The situation for adult learning and vocational education and training (VET) looks better than anticipated.

01.09.2015 IN FOCUS

Become a part of the network of European adult educators

From 1 to 4 December 2015, EAEA organises its fifth 'Younger Staff Training' in Brussels. Registrations are now open.

13.08.2015 IN FOCUS

Tell us what you think of Erasmus+

EAEA is drafting recommendations to the European Commission on the Erasmus+ programme. We call for adult education professionals to fill in a short survey to contribute to the recommendations.

24.06.2015 IN FOCUS

EAEA welcomes 22 new members

EAEA had the great pleasure to welcome 22 new members at the EAEA General Assembly on 23 June in Porto, Portugal. Seven of the applying organisations became Ordinary Members of EAEA, and 15 became Associate Members.

23.06.2015 IN FOCUS

EAEA gets a new Executive Board

The membership of the European Association for the Education of Adults – EAEA has elected a new Executive Board for the two-year term of 2013–2015. The new Board consists of adult education professionals from 12 different countries.

22.06.2015 IN FOCUS

EAEA Grundtvig Award 2015 goes to Alpha-Power, IROHLA and Comprehensive Abortion Care projects

The winners of the 13th annual EAEA Grundtvig Award, themed Adult Education and Health, have been announced. The winning projects were selected by a jury consisting of EAEA Executive Board Members.