09.07.2014 IN FOCUS

EAEA recommendations for the improvement of Erasmus+ published

We have published recommendations for the European Commission to improve Erasmus+ based on our members feedback.

23.06.2014 IN FOCUS

EU elections 2014: EAEA will contact the new parliament

Before the European parliamentary elections EAEA contacted candidates for Member of the European Parliament across Europe to ask about their views on adult education.

25.04.2014 IN FOCUS

EAEA answers to the European Commission's Survey on Skills and Qualifications

EAEA has posted a reply for the European Commission's survey on skills and qualifications.

10.04.2014 IN FOCUS

EAEA's new infonote focuses on the European Semester

EAEA has published an infonote on the European Semester, the EU's annual cycle of economic policy guidance and surveillance.

21.02.2014 IN FOCUS

EAEA Statement on adult education in times of crisis out

EAEA Statement on adult education in times of crisis proposes recommendations for policy makers and adult education community.

14.02.2014 IN FOCUS

EAEA analysis and recommendations on PIAAC published

EAEA analysis and recommendations were accepted by the EAEA board meeting in Paris held on 11 - 12 of February of 2014.

05.02.2014 IN FOCUS

WWI and the Future of Europe Initiative webpage published!

We have opened a dedicated website for the WWI Initiative, take a peak!

31.01.2014 IN FOCUS

Public consultation on a “European Area of Skills and Qualifications”

European Commission has launched a public consultation on the recognition and transparency of skills and qualifications in Europe.

20.01.2014 IN FOCUS

Media release: Adult learning benefits lives

The benefits of adult learning go way beyond the economic and job benefits but extend to social benefits, such as health, social cohesion, self-esteem, active citizenship and well-being.

16.01.2014 IN FOCUS

EAEA Response to the European Commission's Communication "Opening up Education"

EAEA has published a response to the European Commissions Communication "Opening up Education".