EAEA is looking for World War I related activities

EAEA is planning a project combining actitivities related to World War I remembrance. Introduce us your projects!

30.12.2013 IN FOCUS

New leaflet published: Why is Adult Education important?

The leaflet produced by EAEA explains European decision makers, why investing in adult education makes good sense for individuals, communities and economies as a whole.

13.11.2013 IN FOCUS

Second EAEA analysis on PIAAC published

EAEA believes that working to engage migrant groups in adult education must be a priority. The second analysis of PIAAC results concentrates on how adult education can help disadvantaged migrant groups in increasing their chances.

07.11.2013 IN FOCUS

EAEA analyses and discusses PIAAC results

During the autumn, EAEA is analysing PIAAC results in detail according to various themes and issues of interest. A series of articles will be published and compiled to a statement, which will be presented at the EAEA Policy Debate on PIAAC on 3 December in Brussels.

31.10.2013 IN FOCUS

Education and Training Monitor 2013 highlights impact of budget cuts and skills mismatch

European Commission has launched the annual Education and Training Monitor, which examines the evolution of Europe┬┤s education and training systems. Sixteen Member States decreased their spending on education between 2008 and 2011, with six showing further significant budget decreases in 2012.

30.10.2013 IN FOCUS

EAEA Response to the European Parliament's report on "Rethinking Education"

EAEA emphasizes the important role of civil society when it comes to designing and implementing lifelong learning strategies.

29.10.2013 IN FOCUS

EAEA at the European Development Days 2013

The programme of the EAEA & dvv international workshop at the European Development Days 2013 is being revised.

29.10.2013 IN FOCUS

Cedefop releases a new Briefing Note "Return to learning, return to work"

The new brefing note of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) provides advice on helping low-qualified adults out of unemployment.

15.10.2013 IN FOCUS

EAEA and its partners make a joint statement on the human right to education

A broad group of civil society networks and organisations, including EAEA, have come together to highlight the compelling case for ensuring that the fulfilment of human rights is at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda. The education narrative, as well as goals and core indicators, should be grounded in a human rights perspective.