07.12.2016 IN FOCUS

EAEA Policy Paper: Learning and Skills for Adults in Europe

New EAEA Policy Paper "Learning and Skills for Adults in Europe" sets out objectives and recommendations for the learning and skills for adults in Europe.

Learning has many benefits for adults. There are a number of studies that underline the personal, social and economic returns of learning. Nevertheless, the progress towards the benchmark of 15 % participation of adults in lifelong learning is not happening as fast as needed.

EAEA highlights the importance of adult learning to decision-makers and provides recommendations on some of the key areas. Additionally, EAEA highlights the different strategies and objectives currently being proposed by European and international bodies (European Commission, OECD, UNESCO).

EAEA believes that by introducing appropriate adult learning initiatives, a country or region can fulfil the objectives of all of these strategies at once. They will thereby contribute to the competitiveness, but also social cohesion and inclusion as well as active citizenship and democracy for their citizens and residents, in addition to many other benefits such as health and well-being and personal development.

EAEA recommends that attention would be given especially to the outreach of learners, to the validation of non-formal skills and to the implementation of adult learning policy. Read the policy paper "Learning and skills for Adults in Europe"and its recommendations here.

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