13.09.2017 IN FOCUS

LLL Interest Group meeting: The Role of Education in Promoting and Strengthening Citizens' Rights

The next meeting of the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning will be held on September 26th. The meeting of MEPs and civil society representatives will focus on the role of education in promoting and strengthening citizens' rights.

Europeans are increasingly aware of their status as EU citizens and wish to enhance their knowledge about the rights derived from this status. However, many citizens still face problems when exercising these rights. Therefore, we need to continue our efforts to make sure that all EU citizens know their rights, and the mechanisms of their implementation, so that they can fully participate in the European democratic process. MEPs together with invited guests will focus particularly on the role of education, training, culture, and sport in promoting EU citizenship rights, active citizenship, and solidarity.

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Initiated by EAEA and Lifelong Learning Platform together with a number of MEPs, the Interest Group on Lifelong Learning brings together civil society representatives and MEPs to discuss key issues connected to lifelong learning with strong emphasis on adult education.

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