29.10.2013 IN FOCUS

EAEA at the European Development Days 2013

The programme of the EAEA & dvv international workshop at the European Development Days 2013 is being revised.

Maria Kahn of the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education  (ASPBAE) is replaced by Programmes and Operations Coordinator Cecilia Victorino-Soriano from ASPBAE.

Additionally, there will be round tables on different topics:

  • Gina Ebner (EAEA) and Balacz Nemeth (University of Pecs): Experiences of the relevance of AE in transformation context
    What are the key lessons of Europe’s lifelong learning policy since Lisbon 2000 to be recognised for development cooperation?
  • Sonja Belete (dvv international): Practioner’s view
    What are the main benefits of adult education and lifelong learning for development?
  • Cecilia Victorino-Soriano (ASPBAE): Asia as a booming region, recognising the growing importance of lifelong learning
    What are the tendencies and shortcomings? What can development partners do?
  • Alan Tuckett (ICAE): Key messages of the adult education community for the Post 2015 process
    How does Mr. Tuckett assess the process? Which role does and could EU play?

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