22.02.2016 IN FOCUS

EAEA endorses the opinion paper of the Employment Committee of the European Parliament

European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) has adopted an Opinion on the Erasmus+ programme. This paper includes references to adult education. EAEA supports the arguments presented in this Opinion and has been advocating for some precise points included in it.

The paper is drafted by rapporteur, MEP Enrique Calvet Chambon (ALDE, ES) and directed at the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT).

The opinion says that the Committee:

"[d]eplores the fact that non-formal learning has lost visibility and budget share in the current Erasmus+ programme; highlights the importance of non-formal learning at a European level, especially through youth work and senior volunteering; calls for nonformal and informal learning to be given a clear and visible place in the Erasmus+ programme; believes, in addition, that the possibility should exist of submitting applications in respect of large-scale adult education projects that would be governed by the same principles as sector skill alliances or knowledge alliances."

EAEA advocates for the visibility of adult learning in Erasmus+

The EAEA recommendations for the improvement of Erasmus+ in June 2014 stated in particular that:

"EAEA proposes the introduction of larger scale adult education projects along the lines of the knowledge alliances for higher education and the sector skill alliances in vocational training."

EAEA has also deplored the disappearance of senior volunteering in Erasmus+.

Furthermore, non-formal (adult) learning is at the core of EAEA’s advocacy messages. In December 2015 EAEA also presented a Feedback document on Erasmus+ based on the survey it conducted among its members. In this paper, the Association expressed its concerns on the low budget allocation for non-formal adult learning.

Text: EAEA
Photo: © European Union 2016 – Source: EP