EAEA Grundtvig Award 2014 goes to Book of Plans, Hopes and Dreams and Vygonoshchi Fortress projects

The 12th annual EAEA Grundtvig Award, themed Remembering for the Future, goes to The Book of Plans, Hopes and Dreams project and Vygonoshchi Fortress project. "Both projects show that small initiatives can have a huge impact on people, communities, and the civil society," stated the jury, consisting of the EAEA Executive Board members.

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War. With the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2014, we wanted to collect various World War I related projects and activities organised by Adult Education providers in order to create dialogue, research and discussion. This year it was possible to take part in the competition in two categories: "World War I remembrance initiative" and "Adult education projects that promote peace and conflict resolution".

Linking generations with writing competition

The winner of the first category, The Book of Plans, Hopes and Dreams project, is a German-British WWI remembrance activity concentrated on local and European history. It was created to let the people of today remember people in the time of war by finding out about them, and setting down their own ideals and stories, to hand on to generations to come. It is a writing competition to link 1914 to 2014 and beyond, by writing a letter, story or poem. By popular request closing date for submitting writings has been extended until 2 December 2014.

"The Book of Plans Hopes and Dreams is exceptional as it is a truly intergenerational project. Not only does it raise the interest about the lives of people 100 years ago, but it also brings together younger and older generations to contribute to the project," the jury stated.

"Pillboxes" mirroring the past

The winner of the second category, Vygonoshchi Fortress from Belarus, aims to bring back the memory of the tragic events of WWI, to raise people’s awareness about its consequences and to spark discussion about its effect on the life of modern European countries. For this purpose, two dug-in guard posts, the so-called "pillboxes", were revived and improved as objects of national historical and cultural heritage. Local communities were involved in accompanying activities, like creating a museum exhibition and collecting stories and reminiscences.

The jury said that Vygonoshchi Fortress project is a perfect example for linking local with global history.

The winners were announced on Thursday evening, 13 November 2014, by the EAEA President Per Paludan Hansen and the Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić. The award ceremony took place in Sarajevo City Hall, Bosnia and Herzegovina and was a part of Remembering for the Future conference, organised by EAEA and dvv international with the support of the German foreign office.

Text: Andrea Kutlikova
Photo: Raffaela Kihrer

More information:

Contact information / The Book of Plans, Hopes and Dreams:
Rebecca Bilkau
Director, Project Coordinator
+49 533 160 712 70
info (at) book-of-phd.com

Contact information / Vygonoshchi Fortress:
Viktar Dziamianchyk
Project Coordinator
+375 292 290 448
koktebel.by (at) mail.ru