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EAEA Grundtvig Award 2015 goes to Alpha-Power, IROHLA and Comprehensive Abortion Care projects

The winners of the 13th annual EAEA Grundtvig Award, themed Adult Education and Health, have been announced. The winning projects were selected by a jury consisting of EAEA Executive Board Members.

Recent research has demonstrated the wider benefits of adult learning, including its impact on health. The broad topic of adult education and health encapsulates projects which have either a direct or indirect impact on an individual’s or a collective's health. The EAEA was eager to award three best practice examples on this theme which combine innovation and excellence: one national, one European and one International project.

The winner of the national category, Alpha-Power project (photo above), developed a training concept for health professionals aiming to overcome problems with patients caused by their low health literacy. During the project, 100 health professional were trained in 10 workshops.

The winner of the European category, Intervention Research Into Health Literacy of the Ageing Population in Europe (IROHLA) (photo on the left), aimed to improve health literacy. The project built new partnerships between research communities, health promoting organisations, interest groups of clients and business communities.

The winner of the International category, Comprehensive Abortion Care (photo on the right), seeked to reduce the incidence of unsafe abortions among yound women in Ghana. Participants were trained to empower and sensitize communities on the dangers of unsafe abortions.

The winners were announced on Monday evening, 22 June 2015, by the EAEA President Per Paludan Hansen. The awards were given out by MEP Nuno Melo from Braga, Portugal, and Julia Fernandes, who is responsible for education and social affairs in the municipality of Vila Verde, Portugal. The award ceremony took place in Porto’s Casa da Música in Portugal and was a part of EAEA’s annual conference ‘Health and Health Literacy in Adult Education in Europe’.


The first EAEA Grundtvig Award in Adult Education was launched in 2003 by EAEA in order to recognise and celebrate excellence in adult education. It highlights project results that produce new ideas, new partnerships, new methodologies and a new understanding how we can work in adult learning. The Award is given to an organisation or to participants who present the best product of a transnational project in adult learning. Please find more information on the EAEA Grundtvig Award on EAEA website.

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