EAEA is looking for World War I related activities

EAEA is planning a project combining actitivities related to World War I remembrance. Introduce us your projects!

As the coming year marks the 100th anniversary of the World War I, EAEA is now looking for projects and actitivities related to the event.

The main objective of the initiative is to link various World War I related activities provided by adult education organisations together in order to create dialogue, research and discussion. Together we can link the history of World War I to the current situation in Europe - what can we learn from the past and how do we want to shape our mutual, European future. The focus on World War will culminate in a conference in Sarajevo in November of 2014.

If you are planning or already executing projects connected to the topic, we ask you to introduce them to us to for further cooperation.

See the introduction and project proposal "World War I and the Future of Europe" for more information.

For more information, please contact Thor at the EAEA office! thor.rutgersson@eaea.org