08.09.2014 IN FOCUS

EAEA Media release: The Commission portfolio of "Skills" undermines the benefits of education

The European Association for the Education of Adults is strongly opposed to the alleged proposal of a Commissioner’s portfolio dedicated to “Skills” rather than to “Education”.

Education has a much broader role than the acquisition of skills: education is about active citizenship, personal development, social inclusion and participation in society. Education gives a broad range of benefits both to society and to the individual; the acquisition of skills is only a part of it.

“Education is a crucial tool if we want a better future for Europe. There is a need for a broader understanding of education - it cannot be reduced to skills,” says Per Paludan Hansen, EAEA President.

EAEA is concerned that a “Skills” portfolio would narrow lifelong learning to an incoherent collection of technical problems. The portfolios of Commissioners should embrace a wide political view, which a technical word like “skills” can hardly represent.

EAEA urges, together with other European organisations, the European Commission to rethink the whole portfolio and replace 'Skills' with “Education” or with “Lifelong Learning”.

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EAEA Secretary-General
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Helka Repo
EAEA Communications Officer
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