23.06.2014 IN FOCUS

EU elections 2014: EAEA will contact the new parliament

Before the European parliamentary elections EAEA contacted candidates for Member of the European Parliament across Europe to ask about their views on adult education.

EAEA interviewed a total of 22 candidates of whom 18 were elected as MEPs. In addition, some candidates chose to answer collectively on behalf of their political group.

“We are happy that these candidates replied to us – it shows that they take civil society seriously. Hopefully, we will be able to build good relationships with all of them, as well as with all the other new MEPs who will be in the Education and Culture Committee,“ says EAEA Secretary-General Gina Ebner.

EAEA will contact the interviewed MEPs to remind them about their commitments to promoting adult education. EAEA will also advocate for the flagship campaign for a European Year for Adult Learning in the new European Parliament and European Commission.