08.07.2016 IN FOCUS

Hundreds of adult educators participated in the second edition of the successful AE-PRO e-training

The second online course “Adult Learning in the 21st Century” of the successful European free e-training organised by the AE-PRO project attracted hundreds of participants. The course was organised between March and June 2016 and had over 700 participants in its live and recorded webinar sessions that were held on the learning platform created for the project.

The second course included sessions on themes such as adult education and migration, sustainability, social cohesion, employment, life skills, active citizenship, equity and European policies for adult education. The structure of the course was based on EAEA’s publication “Manifesto for Adult Learning in the 21st Century”, which sets objectives for creating a Learning Europe: a Europe that is able to tackle the future positively and with all necessary skills, knowledge and competences.

Project coordinator Tania Berman (EAEA) believes the interesting course contents were among the reasons the e-training was again successful.

“This second training tackles some of the main current European challenges as climate change (sustainability) or migration, with a focus on what adult education can do to tackle the refugee crisis. Adult educators tend to touch upon many various topics and I believe that the mix we offered, that covers a wide range of current European policies, made the training interesting and relevant for our participants,” she says.

One of the key successes of the training was its ability to create an online community of adult educators throughout Europe. Some of the assignments request from the participants that they work in multicultural groups.

“Our participants get in touch with adult educators from other countries and have to present to them the situation of adult education in their own country. Other assignments allow them to meet again later on. A vivid community was born very naturally through this process and is one of the main added values of the training. Our training succeeded in being at the same time a source of information for professional development as well as a fabulous networking opportunity for adult educators,” Ms. Berman says.


The European Adult Education (Young) Professionals Learning Platform (AE-PRO) project offers a capacity building e-training for (younger) staff in adult education about European developments and adult education in other countries. It aims to increase the knowledge of staff about adult education in Europe and enable the exchange of innovation across Europe through intergenerational learning, and the learning of experts as well as peers.


Tania Berman
EAEA Policy Officer
+32 (0)2 893 25 22