22.01.2015 IN FOCUS

More outreach, intercultural dialogue and non-formal learning in 2015

A New Year’s message from the President and Secretary General of EAEA

Adult education and learning have the possibility to change lives for the better and to contribute to social and societal transformation. Europe therefore needs more learning for better jobs and better skills but also for more democracy, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

The Delors report in 1996 underlined 4 different forms of learning, and we want to highlight two of them as very relevant for Europe in 2015. Learning to be bolsters people’s sense autonomy and sense of self and learning to live together facilitates finding one’s position in society and respecting pluralism. It is especially non-formal learning that makes these forms of learning possible.

EAEA therefore recommends for 2015:

  • To strengthen non-formal learning for both adults and young people across Europe
  • To strengthen outreach to disadvantaged groups
  • To strengthen adult education institutions as meeting places and safe environments for debate

Per Paludan Hansen, President, EAEA
Gina Ebner,
Secretary General, EAEA