New project AE-PRO takes Younger Staff Training online

EAEA’s in-service training for younger adult education staff will be extended online through the new project AE-PRO. The kick-off meeting of the project was held in Brussels on February.

The three-year project European Adult Education (Young) Professionals Learning Platform (AE-PRO) will provide a comprehensive training course for adult education staff that brings together European developments on the field of adult education, peer learning about each other’s systems and European mobility. The project aims at providing online training on adult education and European decision making. An online peer learning platform will also be created.

A pioneer project

AE-PRO is a first in its field and it stems from partners’ needs, says the project coordinator Tania Berman from EAEA.

"The project enables a more flexible way of learning about European developments and adult education in different countries. The learning is more accessible as you don’t have to come to Brussels for it", Ms. Berman says.

The training provides new insights into adult education in various countries and the world of the EU-institutions. It also offers a framework for networking on a European level.

“Younger staff needs exposure to the European and international level in order to strengthen their knowledge base and gain valuable experience that can be used to develop the field of adult education”, Ms. Berman explains the focus on younger adult education staff.

EAEA will also organize its regular Younger Staff Training on 2-5 December, 2014. The organisations wishing to send their staff members to the training are advised to include the training in their Erasmus+ mobility applications. The deadline for the mobility applications is March 17th.

Text: Helka Repo
Photo: Valentina Chanina

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