01.07.2016 IN FOCUS

Pirkko Ruuskanen-Parrukoski appointed to the EAEA Executive Board

EAEA General Assembly officially appointed Ms. Pirkko Ruuskanen-Parrukoski from the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (FLLF) as a member of the EAEA Executive Board.

Pirkko Ruuskanen-Parrukoski gave a speech at the EAEA General Assembly before being appointed as the EAEA Executive Board member.

Ms. Ruuskanen-Parrukoski follows in the position the former CEO of the FLLF, Mr. Tapio Kujala. FLLF maintains the communications unit of EAEA in its Helsinki office.

– It is important to continue to further develop the communications of EAEA and disseminate information about the adult education policy of the EU. The European Commission published recently the Skills Agenda for Europe. EAEA continues to work actively to make sure the learning of adults and the role of non-formal adult education are comprehensively recognized in the Agenda and in Europe, Ms. Ruuskanen-Parrukoski says.

The EAEA General Assembly was held in Brussels on June 28th.

Text and photo: Helka Repo