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Social inclusion and fundamental values a strong focus in the the new ET2020 joint report

A draft joint report by the European Commission and Member States of the European Union sets the objectives and priorities for the next five years of the Commission’s work in the area of education and training. The situation for adult learning and vocational education and training (VET) looks better than anticipated.

The draft ET 2020 joint report proposes a sharper policy focus to better address the most pressing challenges facing our society. It states that European education and training systems should be more socially inclusive, as part of the wider efforts to tackle radicalisation following the 2015 attacks in Paris and Copenhagen.

The draft report is a conclusion of the independent evaluation several national reports and consultations with national officials, European social partners and other education and training stakeholders carried out during 2014. It was published on 1st of September 2015 and should be adopted by the European Council in November.

Policy focus to be re-evaluated

"We are pleased to see a real change in the approach to education and training," says EAEA Secretary General Gina Ebner.

The report states for example that "the policy focus needs to be re-calibrated to include both the pressing economic and employment challenges and the role of education in promoting equity and non-discrimination and in imparting fundamental values, intercultural competences and active citizenship."

Good news for adult educators

"The 're-calibration' of the policy focus is very obvious. Lifelong learning strategies are important as are ey competences. While VET and adult education units are now situated in European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment (DG EMPL), they still are key components of the new strategy," says Ms. Ebner.

"We appreciate that the priorities are targeted 'at all levels'. We are also happy that there is an annex for VET and adult learning, which ensures that these two sectors remain an important part of ET 2020," states Ms. Ebner.

There’s also the demand to ‘significantly increase the supply of high quality adult learning provision’ and to increase investment.

EAEA will analyse the report further and make an official statement in the near future.

Text: EAEA
Photo: © European Union 2006, photographer: Lambiotte Christian

What is ET2020?

Established in May 2009, Education and Training 2020 (ET 2020) offers Member States, the Commission and education institutions a forum to exchange best practices, information and advice for policy reforms. The Commission coordinates this tool of cooperation.

The ET 2020 strategic framework covers learning of all forms and at all levels of the lifelong learning process, including early childhood education andschools through to higher education, vocational education and training and adult learning.

Source: European Commission Spokepersons' Service