30.09.2015 IN FOCUS

Two Vice-Presidents nominated for EAEA

After the election of the EAEA Executive Board at the last General Assembly in Porto last June 2015, the EAEA Board held its first Board meeting on 23rd and 24th of September in Brussels. The Board welcomed by unanimity the President’s proposal to nominate Ms. Susana Oliveira from Portugal and Ms. Joyce Black from the UK as Vice-Presidents of EAEA.

During this two day meeting, the EAEA Board discussed ongoing strategical issues, met with Julie Fionda from the Cabinet of Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills & Labour Mobility Marianne Thyssen and with Paul Holdsworth, Team Leader for the Unit "Skills for Adults" at DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion at the European Commission.

Susana Oliveira

Appointed by Slovenia, Ms Oliveira became an EAEA Board member for the first time in 2013 and was re-elected in 2015. She works at Kerigma as International Department Coordinator. Thanks to her and her colleagues’ efforts, a Portuguese umbrella organisation for adult education was created in 2014. She has participated in the first EAEA Younger Staff Training in 2011.

Ms Oliveira describes her aims for the present term as a Board Member:
"I mostly expect to continue […] building bridges in Southern European countries and to keep working on the lobby and advocacy work within EAEA for the understanding of adult education in its different context."

Joyce Black

Ms Black has been EAEA’s Vice President since 2013. Re-elected for a second term, she works at the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) as the Assistant Director of Development and Research.

"I want to […] highlight the positive impact adult learning can and does have in a range of policy arenas including: citizenship, democracy, social inclusion, health, employment and skills […] and help make the links with current European Policy at a National, Local and individual level to illustrate the links between social and economic policy and adult learning," says Ms Black.