31.01.2013 POLICY

A report on future skills anticipation published

European high-level meeting on skills anticipation in adult learning (EMSAAL) final report focuses on how skills needs can be translated into adult learning in practice.

Finding appropriate measures for the identification of current and the anticipation of future skills needs is a major challenge for every country in Europe. Different methodologies and set-ups are being applied across the European Union.

A question is, how these findings can be effectively and promptly translated into pertinent adult learning programmes and curricula? How to make adult learning as responsive as possible to labour market needs?

The EMSAAL-initiative concentrates on the challenge of reshaping the provisions for Continuous TVET and Lifelong Learning. The project came to an end in December 2012. It consisted of an information and knowledge sharing platform (only accessible for the participants of EMSAAL) and European high-level meeting on skills anticipation in adult learning taking place in Turin, Italy in September 2012.

On the basis of the high-level meeting, the summary report has been published and it is now available online. It systematises the information presented, captures the major discussion lines and lays out the approaches and findings identified by the participants during the meeting.