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A successful e-training attracted thousands of adult educators

The final session of the 'European e-training for Adult Educators' was held on the 15th of December. During the nine months of the training over 5,300 people registered to the learning platform, created in the framework of the project.

Webinars were organised by the AE-PRO project partners between April and December 2015.

The main aim of AE-PRO project is to offer e-training about European developments and adult education in European countries for lifelong learning staff.

"The popularity of the e-training surprised the project consortium. It shows that a European e-learning hub for adult educators is clearly needed," says Policy Officer Tania Berman from the EAEA, which is behind the project

Participants from every corner of Europe

Juhani Pörtfors, a retired head of adult education centre from Finland, took the entire course.

"My motivation to participate the e-training was to gain an understanding on European adult education in theoretical, political and practical levels," he tells.

Mr. Pörtfors saw the e-training as a unique chance to communicate with European adult educators.

"I have realized that adult education structures vary in different countries but at the same time we have much in common. It has been great to see that there are enlightened adult educators and active associations everywhere in Europe who are sincerely promoting the interests of the citizens," he concludes.

The AE-PRO project consortium will organise a second e-training in 2016. More information will follow in February.

Text: Aura Vuorenrinne
Photos: AE-PRO project consortium

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