AE-PRO organises a new e-training for adult educators in 2016

The fourth AE-PRO partner meeting took place in Lisbon, Portugal, between 26th and 27th of November. It was an opportunity for the project partners to discuss the 'European e-training for Adult Educators', the main outcome of the project.

The AE-PRO project consortium consists of the representatives of nine partner organisations from around Europe.

During the two days of the partner meeting, experiences on running the webinars were exchanged and good practices shared. Also future was planned as the final year of the three-year-long project is due.

A successful e-training

The main aim of The European Adult Education (Young) Professionals Learning Platform (AE-PRO) project is to create a learning platform and offer an e-training about European developments and adult education European countries for adult education staff.

The first AE-PRO e-training was conducted between May and December 2015. Over 5,300 adult education professionals have registered as users to the platform, which shows that a Europe-wide platform for adult educators is needed indeed.

The e-training comes to an end next week – the final session will be held on 15th of December at 11.00 CET.

Nicola Koruga and Maja Maksimovic from the Serbian Adult Education Society are in charge of the evaluation of the e-training.

2016 the final year of the project

Next year the consortium will organise a second e-training. An outline for the future course was decided upon in Lisbon, but the partners will meet again in January to finalise the curriculum.

The second AE-PRO e-training will start spring 2016. More information will follow in February.

Text: Aura Vuorenrinne
Photos: Flemming Gjedde, Aura Vuorenrinne

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