23.09.2016 PROJECTS

Civic skills via media education for Palestinian journalists

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. The Israeli Palestinian conflict and the lack of tradition in reliable media affect the work of Palestinian journalists every day. The media literacy project lead by the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation tackles the issue by strengthening the professionalism of local journalists and other media workers.

22.09.2016 PROJECTS

The FORINER project is looking for partners for cooperation in prison education

The FORINER project aims to provide foreign national inmates in EU prisons with access to education provided by their home institutions. The project team is now looking for European organisations involved in distance education or prison education that are interested in becoming pilot partners.

20.09.2016 PROJECTS

Migrant learners get personalised support in Austria

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. Many migrants who do not participate in lifelong learning are simply unaware of the existing possibilities. Bildungstreff Oberes Murtal facilitates the flow of information in the Austrian region of Styria.

13.09.2016 PROJECTS

Parent-child groups support refugees in Austria

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. Refugees are often under immense stress and suffer psychological trauma. Fearing that this might affect their family relationships, Katholisches Bildungswerk Vorarlberg in Austria launched a project on parent education.

09.09.2016 PROJECTS

Intercultural pilots assist migrants in Dortmund

GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. Believing that multiculturalism can support a democratic community and enrich its culture, the Auslandsgesellschaft Intercultural Academy along with five Rotary Clubs of Dortmund set up a programme to help the newly arrived. The personalized approach to new migrants is said to hold the key to success.

08.09.2016 REPORTS

Libraries promoting literacy

To sustain Education 2030 and to support countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, convoked an international workshop with the objective of facilitating the linking of literacy efforts in libraries with national literacy plans, policies and strategies.

07.09.2016 PROJECTS

Towards a more accessible EU

While the European Accessibility Act proposed by the European Commission in December 2015 is being discussed by the European Parliament, the AEMA partners entered the final phase of the project, where the accessibility checkpoints are being finalised and many promotional activities organised.

06.09.2016 PROJECTS

“College for qualified refugees” promotes personalized assistance in learning

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. Young refugees fleeing war or persecution often leave everything behind: family, friends, but also education. Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing Volkshochschule in Hannover supports young asylum seekers in continuing their studies by providing them with personalized help.

05.09.2016 PROJECTS

Everyone will benefit from better validation policies and practices

Validation of non-formal and informal learning makes our labour markets more resilient and contributes to the integration of migrants and refugees by valuing the prior knowledge and experiences of people. It increases the access to lifelong learning and flexible learning pathways. Ultimately, but probably most importantly, it provides vulnerable people with a second opportunity.

01.09.2016 PROJECTS

Inkludera mera: folk high schools in Sweden learn to Include More

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2016. “Cooperation can be difficult, complicated and time-consuming, but it is essential, especially in a crisis situation,” declares Ingegerd Akselsson Le Douaron from EAEA member RIO/FOLAC in Sweden. FOLAC project Inkludera mera was a successful attempt at opening a dialogue with and about asylum seekers, involving a number of folk high schools and NGOs.