31.05.2016 EAEAPEOPLE

EAEA gets a new Communications Officer

As of 1 June 2016, Helka Repo takes over the tasks of EAEA Communications Officer as Aura Vuorenrinne will leave EAEA for another job. Helka is already familiar with EAEA – she worked as a maternity leave replacement of the EAEA Communications Officer back in 2013 and 2014.


How to use videos as a form of story-telling?

Where does a great story begin, and where does it end? This question has been discussed extensively by the partners of the Live and Learn project. In Finland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Denmark, they have produced videos about learners and educators and their individual pathways in education.


Review your organisation's availability with the new AEMA tool

Not everyone has equal access to education. The AEMA project consortium wishes to change it and has now launched a new tool to this end: the accessibility assessment matrix, enabling adult education providers to evaluate their level of accessibility.

18.05.2016 EAEAMEMBERS

A practical approach to soft skills use in non-formal education

There is no doubt that adult educators and trainers need to possess a wide range of competences to effectively respond to their everyday challenges. Working closely not only with learners, but also with other adult education staff, they have to demonstrate highly developed soft skills


Online Media Guide for adults spreads critical media literacy

A media guide, produced by the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation, helps in the building of Palestinian civil society. The guide is a free online resource for all. Its core message: critical media literacy is a crucial civic skill of the social media age.


A transnational report on the effectiveness of adult education policies now available

The Toolkit for Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Adult Education project (DIMA) aims to analyse the effectiveness of current policies in adult education in Europe and facilitate their development by offering a practical toolkit and a training curriculum. The first step of the project has now been achieved: the DIMA state of the art in adult education strategies, policies and tools is available online.

02.05.2016 EAEAPOLICY

EAEA joins the European Movement International

As of April 2016, EAEA is a member of the European Movement, a network of organisations that has mobilises citizens and advocates for a democratic, federal and enlarged union. It contributes to the establishment of a united, federal Europe founded on the principles of peace, democracy, liberty, solidarity, and respect for basic human rights.

29.04.2016 EAEAPOLICY

European policies are important for adult education

How do European policies impact adult education and lifelong learning? This question was the backbone of the European Policy Impact Seminar, organised by the National Adult Learning Organisation (AONTAS), one of EAEA's Irish member organisations, in Dublin on 28th of April 2016.

21.04.2016 EAEAPOLICY

Refugee integration: the (smart) way to do it?

ADULT EDUCATION & REFUGEES. With thousands of refugees making their way across Europe, there is an urgent need to help them integrate into new societies. This challenge can partially be answered thanks to one item that most refugees seem to own: a smartphone. Used for more than making phone calls or sending messages, smartphones can be a powerful tool to enhance integration and learning of refugees.


Raising awareness on the usage of new technology

The Smart Generation project aims to develop and experiment an innovative educational model which raises awareness over the use of smartphones. The second goal is to open a public debate on the role of digital technologies in the process of building qualitative social relationships.