The benefits of life skills provision

Increasing individuals’ skill levels has many benefits for the wider society, including higher employment, better health and wellbeing, and further civic engagement. In terms of which capabilities individuals should be taught, the Life Skills for Europe project considers life skills make an essential contribution to all of the above benefits. In order to develop life skills provision further, the project consortium has gathered a number of good practices and tools from across Europe, and is currently developing a framework for educators to create life skills curricula.


Supporting older adults in using mobile devices

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. ATEGAL believes that mobile devices are tools that allow older adults to be connected and can prevent social isolation.


Supporting communities to promote digital inclusion of the elderly

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. The Bridging the Digital Divide found new methods of engagement in digital inclusion.


Using fashion to educate about women’s history

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. The SAOL project played a part in helping socially marginalised women gain a renewed sense of their own personal story, setting it in the wider context of historical study.


Towards sustainable and healthy lifestyles – with the help of adult education

EuroHealthNet’s INHERIT initiative is a forward-looking project aiming at achieving sustainable and healthy lifestyles that are equitable in nature. EAEA’s Meghna Jadhav took part in a workshop organised by the project and reflected on the role of adult education in the process.


Dialogic approach to learning as the backbone of the school

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. The Adult School of La Verneda – Sant Marti uses dialogic learning methods and easy-access approach to engage learners.


EAEA Younger Staff Training 2017: From European policy to innovative teaching methods

EAEA Younger Staff Training gathered adult education professionals from around Europe to network and to exchange ideas and challenges on adult education advocacy, communications and cooperation.


A play to remember history

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. The Big Wall project used theatre to motivate adults who have been unlucky in education.


Teachers promoting a new way of communication with learners

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. A Facebook group was a start for a project that resulted in a course for teachers who wanted to work with student portfolios. As a result, new methods for teaching and learning were developed.


A programme to engage hard-to-reach learners

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. To reduce isolation and to help people gain education, the "Engaging the learner" project developed a framework of informal learning to engage those who are traditionally hard to reach.