Adult learning in a Danish society shocked by terror?

INFONET. An Interview with Knud Illeris, Danish scientist and Professor in Lifelong Learning.

15.04.2015 EAEA

EAEA is looking for a Communications Intern to the Helsinki Unit

EAEA's communication unit is placed in an organisation called Kansanvalistusseura, The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation – KVS, which supports learning and builds a society of learners by offering expertise and services.

13.04.2015 EAEAPOLICY

EPALE is officially launched

Launch of the EPALE platform is on Wednesday 15th of April 2015. You can follow it online.

24.03.2015 EAEAPOLICY

What does TTIP mean for adult education?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations are worrying many civil society organisations, including EAEA. But what is TTIP and how does it concern adult education? EAEA Policy Officer Tania Berman explains.


The EDU-FIN consortium calls for contributions on financial literacy

Financial literacy is especially low among young adults at risk, who are ill-equipped to deal with ever-increasing financial responsibility. Their lack of financial education is one of the causes that reduce their opportunities of being competitive in the labour market and accessing learning opportunities.

18.03.2015 EAEAPOLICY

More research and commitment needed on financing adult education

Adult education is an area that encompasses many different political approaches, and therefore also different approaches to funding. Financing adult education is one of EAEA's key topics in 2015.


Join the European e-training for Adult Educators – Share, Learn and Inspire!

The AE-PRO project launches 'European e-training for Adult Educators', and is currently looking for participants. The free training includes sessions on European developments in the adult education sector, adult education methodologies in European countries as well as policy and advocacy.


Regional cooperation in adult education is needed

The RENEWAL consortium is pleased to launch the two regional meetings’ reports of the project. The RENEWAL project aims to strengthen the European Agenda for Adult Learning in the Southern and Central-Eastern regions of Europe.


Brighter times for Greek adult education

FROM OUR MEMBERS: GREECE. On January 25th 2015, general elections in Greece resulted for the first time in modern Greek history a government based on the Coalition of the Radical Left, Syriza. This might be good news for adult education in Greece, says Dr. George A. Koulaouzides.

25.02.2015 EAEAPOLICY

Commissioner Malmström answers to EAEA's concerns on TTIP

After hearing rumors suggesting that adult education would be part of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), EAEA wrote to Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström last November, to ask for her support in excluding adult education from TTIP. EAEA believes that adult education is a public good and that it should not be part of any trade agreement.