Participate in AVA survey and contribute to improve validation systems in Europe

Validation of non‑formal and informal learning is gradually more seen as a way of improving lifelong learning and well-being. The AVA project, aims to contribute to reducing the fragmentation of the national validation systems by proposing solutions from the civil society perspective.


EPALE aims to become a community

While the European EPALE site has been active for several months, the linguistic versions are just beginning to build up. EAEA talked with the National Support Services in Finland and Austria about the present and future.


Adult education needs to be addressed in post-2015 agenda

2015 marks not only the European Year of Development, but also the end of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and the last year of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The redefinition of global goals for education in development was discussed at the EAEA and DVV International workshop in January.


Brainstorming on sustainable consumption

New learning materials on sustainable consumption, produced in the framework of Know Your Lifestyle project, were presented at a workshop in Brussels 5-6 February. The workshop gathered around 35 participants interested in learning more about the project's outcomes and sharing their feedback with the project’s consortium.


A new report tackles the current state of European adult education

Do all adults benefit equally from lifelong learning opportunities in Europe? What type of programmes exist for adults who do not have the skills or qualifications that match labour market and societal requirements? What do countries do to encourage adults to return to education and training? These are but some of the questions tackled in the new Eurydice report Adult Education and Training in Europe: Widening Access to Learning Opportunities.


The OED network publishes the guide Engaging new learners in adult education

How to reach out to potential learners? How to convince stakeholders of the benefits of lifelong learning? How to raise awareness for adult education? OED Network's publication "Engaging New Learners in Adult Education – Short guide for policy makers and adult educators" answers these questions.


"The Wanted Danube" project: Raising awareness by crocheting

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2014. EAEA hands out the yearly EAEA Grundtvig Award to a successful European learning partnership. The theme for the 2014 award was "Remembering World War I for the Future – Adult Education promoting Peace and Cohesion in Europe".


Visualising adult education

"Live and Learn" project produces audio-visual stories on adult education. EAEA is a partner in the two-year Erasmus+ project, coordinated by a Finnish EAEA member KVS – The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation.