17.09.2013 EAEA

EAEA Vice-Presidents selected

EAEA's new Executive Board, elected by the General Assembly last June in Leicester, UK, gathered to its first meeting in Berlin in the beginning of September. The Board selected three Vice Presidents for the next two years.

13.09.2013 PROJECTS

BeLL consortium finishes data collection and starts the analysis

Benefits of Lifelong Learning (BeLL) is the first project to collect comparative data on measurable individual and social benefits of participation in liberal adult education. After collecting about nine thousand questionnaires in ten European countries and doing a first analysis of the data, it is time to present the preliminary results.


Know Your Lifestyle project takes shape

Know Your Lifestyle - Introducing Sustainable Consumption in 2nd Chance Education project raises awareness on climate change, limited natural resources, poverty and human rights.

09.09.2013 PROJECTS

LitVoc project publishes a book on workplace literacy

Literacy and Vocation (LitVoc) project has recently published a book "European Workplace Literacy Profile (European Core Curriculum)".

06.09.2013 PROJECTS

YELL2 conference tackles the future of language education

The main aim of the Young European Love Languages 2 (YELL2) project is to share the results of the 2011 European Language Label Award winning "YELL Network". The network is a group of European organisations aiming to promote language learning. It promotes the improvement of language learning and encourages creative teaching to inspire and motivate language learning.

04.09.2013 EAEA

EAEA gets a Grundtvig Assistant

Thor Rutgersson, 30, started as a Grundtvig Assistant at EAEA in the end of August. He will develop EAEA´s Younger Staff Network further.

02.09.2013 PEOPLE

Head of Unit Dana-Carmen Bachmann: "The Commission seeks for synergy in adult learning"

Dana-Carmen Bachmann, the Head of vocational training and adult education unit of the European Commission, says that fusion of vocational training and adult education units has enhanced Commission's work on both areas.

30.08.2013 POLICY

A new publication on adult and continuing education by the European Commission

Adult and continuing education has the dual function of contributing to employability and economic growth, on the one hand, and responding to broader societal challenges, in particular promoting social cohesion, on the other.

29.08.2013 POLICY

Online consultation on Erasmus+: make your voice heard now!

The Education, Training and Youth Forum aims at gathering various stakeholders once per year in order to discuss key policy developments linked to the Europe 2020 strategy, the strategic framework for European cooperation in Education and Training (ET2020) and the European Youth strategy.


Steps towards Active European Citizenship: integrating senior immigrants

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2013. EAEA hands out the yearly EAEA Grundtvig Award to a successful European learning partnership. This year´s theme for the award was "Active citizenship and transnational solidarity - Adult Education as a tool against nationalism, chauvinism and xenophobia".