05.03.2013 REPORTS

An advocator of diversity combines adult education and theatre

GENERATION NEXT. Serbian adult educator Maja Maksimovic lives up to her ideals on and off duty. The article series introduces four young European colleagues.

18.02.2013 POLICY

EU Council adopts "Rethinking Education"

The European Council of Education Ministers adopted conlusions on "Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes".


New EAEA project ARALE tracks the keys to successful adult education campaigns

EAEA´s new project Awareness Raising for Adult Learning and Education (ARALE) aims to collect best practices of awareness raising and advocacy campaigns for adult education in Europe. The project got its kick-off meeting on the 4th of February 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

04.02.2013 PROJECTS

InfoNet restarts, first newsletter released

Spreading information about adult education from the countries of Europe and EU institutions is the aim and objective of the unique English service "European InfoNet Adult Education", which has been developed as part of an EU project and now restarts the service after a one year break. EAEA is partner of InfoNet.

31.01.2013 POLICY

A report on future skills anticipation published

European high-level meeting on skills anticipation in adult learning (EMSAAL) final report focuses on how skills needs can be translated into adult learning in practice.

29.01.2013 EAEAPOLICY

EAEA calls for the recognition of non-formal adult learning

EAEA has released a statement on European Commission's communication on Rethinking Education, presented last November.

15.01.2013 EAEA

EAEA in Turkey: Turkish housewives trained as active citizens

EAEA Executive Board held its last meeting of 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. In conncetion, the Board had a chance to visit two local Adult Education Centres.

11.01.2013 EAEA

EAEA welcomes a new Membership Officer

Tania Berman is the newest addition to the EAEA staff. She is ready to serve EAEA´s present and future members.

20.12.2012 EAEA

New logo reflects a new era in EAEA´s story

EAEA´s logo will change in 2013. The new logo, designed by the EAEA Communications Officer Aura Vuorenrinne, will be taken into use gradually.

19.12.2012 POLICY

Commission launches EU Skills Panorama on skills needs

The European Commission has launched the EU Skills Panorama, a website presenting quantitative and qualitative information on short- and medium-term skills needs, skills supply and skills mismatches.