27.01.2012 REPORTS

The Economic Crisis, Education and the Labour Market

EcoSoc, the European Economic and Social Committee organised a conference in Brussels last Tuesday on the topic of the economic crisis. For the first time, EAEA was invited to invited to a panel at an ecosoc event.

18.01.2012 POLICY

Resource: Creating a climate for literacy

Worldwide, one in five adults are not literate, and millions of children leave school without acquiring the basic literacy and numeracy skills. This situation leads millions of children and youth to an uncertain future with few dreams, little hope, and limited aspirations in life.

18.01.2012 POLICY

Europe to be age-friendly by 2020?

On the eve of the launch of the European Year on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the EY2012 Coalition presents its joint Manifesto and Road Map and urges all relevant actors at local, national and European level to seize the momentum of the European Year 2012 to commit to creating an age-friendly European Union that will allow everyone to live, learn, work and age with dignity.

13.01.2012 PEOPLE

UK: NIACE reacts to the Skills for Life Survey

Responding to the publication of the 2011 Skills for Life Survey: Headline Findings by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills on Thursday 1 December 2011, Carol Taylor, NIACE Director for Research and Development, said

13.01.2012 REPORTS

Research on launching National Stakeholders´ Forums and Platforms

EUCIS-LLL launched a survey on the feasibility of setting up National Stakeholders´ Forums and Platforms as concrete tools to facilitate a dialogue between civil society organizations and policy-makers on European cooperation in education and training.

13.01.2012 REPORTS

European Cooperation in Education and Training to support implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy

On 20th December, the Commission adopted the draft Joint Report of the Council and the Commission "Education and Training in a smart, sustainable and inclusive Europe", on the implementation of the Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in education and training ("ET2020").

16.12.2011 EAEA

30 stakeholders' adopt common messages on the "Erasmus for All" Programme proposal

A coalition of 30 European networks gathering thousands of organizations in secondary and higher education, vocational education and training, youth, adult education and popular education has adopted common messages on the proposed future "Erasmus for All" programme.

14.12.2011 EAEA

Policy: Adult Education and Migration

EAEA recently published a paper on migration. It includes a set of 13 recommendations as well as an analysis of the current situation, a look at key concepts, and a call for a coherent and coordinated strategy that tackles both migrants´ skills and competences and intercultural activities across Europe.

12.12.2011 REPORTS

Linguistic diversity in Europe needs strong multilingualism policies

Civil society organisations meet EU stakeholders in Madrid.

05.12.2011 POLICY

Equal citizenship in EU?

The topic of active and equal citizenship has been high on Europe's disability agenda this November. The Council of Europe adopted its Recommendation on participation of people with disabilities in political and public life.