05.12.2011 POLICY

EU in jeopardy: Prioritise Solidarity and an Inclusive Europe 2020

In advance of the EU Council meeting on 8 and 9 December, EAPN has sent a letter to EU Prime Ministers outlining their proposals for a way out of the crisis which prioritises solidarity and an inclusive Europe 2020 Strategy.

05.12.2011 PROJECTS

The new 'Creative Europe' programme unveiled by the European Commission

With a proposed budget of €1.8 billion for the period 2014-2020, the new programme represents a 37% increase on current spending levels. It would allocate more than €900 million in support of the cinema and audiovisual sector and almost € 500 million for culture.

29.11.2011 REPORTS

European Council adopts a renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning

In the face of constant change and the consequences of the economic crisis, adults regularly need to enhance their personal and professional skills and competences. Given the current instability in the labour market and the need to reduce social exclusion, this applies particularly to the low skilled and the low qualified. However, all adults can benefit significantly from lifelong learning.

28.11.2011 REPORTS

Giving shape to the future European Lifelong Learning Institute

On 9th November 2011 EUCIS-LLL held the public presentation of its European Institute on Lifelong Learning (EILL) at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

28.11.2011 POLICY

Grundtvig is Out, Erasmus is In

Last week the Euroepan Commision unveiled its suggestions for the next programme period (2014-2020). The good news is, more money is suggested for learning. The (potentially) bad news is, there will be no Grundtvig Programme.

28.11.2011 REPORTS

Sweden: Folk High Schools and Youth Unemployment

What can non-formal adult education do about youth unemployment? There seems to be a role for folk high schools, according to this report.

04.11.2011 POLICY

New website for better policy making in education and training

Up to date research and information on the economics of education, tailor-made to the needs of busy policy makers, is now available on the re-vamped website of the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE).

31.10.2011 EAEAREPORTS

EAEA Younger Staff Training 2011

During 19–23 September 2011 EAEA hosted a Grundtvig In-Service training for younger staff working in the field of adult education. The 5-day training turned out to be a very fruitful meeting. Participants were young professionals working in European organizations from 11 different European countries.

07.10.2011 EAEA

In memoriam Bill Bax

Willem "Bill" Bax has passed away after a short sickbed. Bill dedicated a great part of his life of his life to adult education and was in a certain way a symbol for lifelong learning himself.

05.10.2011 REPORTS

The 6th Week of non-formal education in Belarus

On September 24 - October 2, 2011 the 6th Week of non-formal education took place in Belarus. The topic this year was "Non-formal education and regional development".