21.09.2011 PROJECTS

European On-line Language Observatory launched

Poliglotti4.eu, the EU co-funded project on multilingualism and language policy, has launched its website today: www.poliglotti4.eu.

20.09.2011 PROJECTS

Ireland: AONTAS "sowing the learning seeds" in Estonia

The Irish EAEA member AONTAS is a project partner on 'Sowing the Learning Seeds' a Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project which aims to share the experience of organising Adult Learners' Festivals.

15.09.2011 POLICY

Monitoring progress, the key to successful policy

It is all very well for policy makers to agree on common targets and ambitions. But what happens next?

05.09.2011 POLICY

EY 2012 thematic year web site open

As you probably know, 2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity (EY2012).

05.09.2011 POLICY

EU funds the promotion of active ageing

The Committee of the Regions, AGE Platform Europe and the European Commission have issued a brochure presenting EU funding possibilities for regional and local initiatives to promote active ageing and solidarity between generations.

29.08.2011 POLICY

Making integration a win-win situation

EU citizens and migrants alike agree that integration requires language skills, employment, respect for the local culture and an unambiguous legal status. Migrants to the EU bring with them not only diversity, but also the potential to make a valuable contribution to economic growth and stability.

23.08.2011 PROJECTS

UIL Internships: Capacity-building for young professionals

This summer the Unesco Institute of Lifelong Learning is a learning and working venue to as many as six young professionals, which is an unprecedented number of concurrent interns at the Institute.

23.08.2011 POLICY

2013 to be European Year of Citizens?

Union citizenship and the rights that go with it are one of the key pillars of the European Union. As we mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Union citizenship under the Maastricht Treaty, on 1 November 1993, the European Commission has proposed to designate 2013 as the "European Year of Citizens".

11.08.2011 POLICY

Counselling seniors

In the UK, counselling is an umbrella term covering a range of talking therapies and is generally delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing.

11.08.2011 PROJECTS

Study: Teaching Reading in Europe: Contexts, Policies and Practices

For the first time, a pan-European study offers a comprehensive picture of reading literacy and identifies some of the key factors impacting on the acquisition of reading skills for 3-15 year olds.