02.02.2011 POLICY

US: From Grassroots to Grasstops: Leveraging Social Media to Advocate for Adult Education

The National Coalition for Literacy in the US wants advocacy for adult education to start using social media in order to better reach its audience.

20.01.2011 POLICY

CONFINTEA VI follow-up strategy and Newsletter launched

The Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI), held from 1 to 4 December 2009 in Belém, Brazil, closed with the adoption of the Belém Framework for Action which records the commitments of Member States and presents a strategic guide for the global development of adult literacy and adult education within the perspective of lifelong learning.

14.01.2011 CALLS

Unlimited Learning – DIE Awards Innovation Prize in Continuing Education 2011

"Unlimited Learning – Didactical Approaches to Dislimitation and Boundaries!"- is the motto of this year´s Innovation Prize in Continuing Education awarded by the German Institute for Adult Education – Leibniz-Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE).

14.01.2011 PROJECTS

Handbook on training paths for active citizenship

The handbook "Training paths for active citizenship", is the final project output of the project "LANCES – Learning in Action for a New Citizenship Education System" and it is now available free of charge.

14.01.2011 CALLSEAEA

The EAEA Award for Adult Learning (Grundtvig Award) 2011

Innovative Approaches in Adult Education and Learning – Learning Experiences through Volunteering