Adult education has a role in sustainable development

Mon 04 Nov 2013 01:39:00 PM EET

Education is crucial in poverty reduction; there is "no development without education". EAEA participates in the European Development Days 2013 (EDD) by co-arranging a workshop "Lifelong Learning in Development Cooperation – An Unfinished Agenda".

The thread of the EDD is the post-2015 debate and the need to build a consensus for a strong common European position advocating a joined up approach to address global poverty and sustainable development.

EAEA participates in the event because benefits of lifelong learning for development are often not understood outside of the educational discourse.

"Lifelong learning positively affects many dimensions of poverty, peace, reconciliation and conflict prevention. The aim of the workshop is to build a joined-up approach to address global poverty and sustainable development. We believe that in particular adult education should be considered and taken into account", EAEA Policy Officer Ricarda Motschilnig says.

EAEA arranges the workshop with its German member dvv international. Synergies among different actors are needed for tackling global challenges of adult education and development.

Lifelong learning to the Development Agenda

The working title of the EDD event is "A decent life for all by 2030 – Building a consensus for a new development agenda." The underlying goal of EAEA and its partners is to work towards the formulation of a lifelong learning goal for the Sustainable Development Goals.

"We will underline the importance of implementing the European Lifelong Learning agenda in the development agenda of the European Union. The European adult education network can be useful for development cooperation. In the workshop we will formulate recommendations and main messages that we will deliver to European decision makers and stakeholders in the development and adult education communities", Ms Motschilnig explains.

  • European Development Days 2013 is organised on 26-27 November 2013 in Brussels, at Tour & Taxis.
  • EAEA and dvv international workshop is held on 26 November at 16.30-17.45 in room 3. See programme

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Text: Aura Vuorenrinne